Youth education for young people with special needs – Hvidovre Production.
“I believe that we can develop throughout our lives – and it can only go too slowly.” Peter Mygind
The target group The education is for young people between 18 and 25 years who have completed their basic schooling and who have received special education.
The education is for youths with special needs, at Hvidovre Production School USB the training is for students who are late-developed.
If you can not take an ordinary youth education with support, you have the option to apply for a 3-year youth education for young people with special needs at your municipal.


What the education gives you The education gives you more opportunities to live an adult life that are independent and active. You will be strengthened to better cope with everyday life and your future life.
You are allowed to be in an exciting youth invironment, to meet new friends and make new networks.
The USB education is individual, wich means that you can put together your training in conjunction with your parents, your guidance counsillor and your teachers. The composition based on your needs, requirements and wishes.
he USB education runs for 3 years, and you can be with us for 1-2 years, then you pass on to another USB offer. All the training will begin with a clarification process, it takes 12 weeks. During the 3 years you will receive regular guidance on your options. When your USB history with us has ended, you get a competence sheet where your education, your goals and your skills are described.
Content An educational and general part where you become stronger in working with Danish and mathematics, using the PC, and creative activities.
You will employ in theme work about the community and the justice system, history, life, health, democracy, sex education, hygiene, easier cooking, environmental issues ect. and, of course, issues wich the pupils themselves choose.
There is much work with beeing able to move independently around the world by public transport, cycling or walking legs.
We take regular trips to where we include visiting museums, theme-related visits, etc.. We also have school camp where the students are planning both transport and procurement.
A personal part where we work with beeing clarified in relation to one’s strengths and shortcomings, or similar disabilities, to obtain a realistic self-image in relation to housing, relationships, education, work and hobbies. We work with conflict and trying to put old inappropriate strategies behind us.
We focus very much to strengthen the feeling of self-esteem and independence and to “dare” to speak your mind.
A social part where we are working on social skills and relationships to take part in the community based on general norms and behavior.
We work with how much we communicate without words, and discover the importance of the body language, face and personality. wWe have class meetings where we discuss problems or joys and practice to say his opinion out loud to others. You will work with and strengthen your abilities to being a good friend as well as a good girl/boyfriend.
We are trying to strengthen the relationships students have with one another by having a student club where students meet in the weekends without teachers, and have fun.
Internship – you must practice in the school’s regular workshops that are Kitchen and health, Design Workshop, Flowers Workshop, IT and Communication, woodwork Workshop, Music Workshop. Once you’ve been in a workshop you are able to get practical training outside school.
What do you do if you want to be part of the Youtheducation for Youth With Special Needs
You should talk to your teacher at your school or your guidance counsillor. Then you must contact the “UU” and evaluate whether you are included in the target group for training.
Then, your parents and guidance counsillor make a recommendation to the municipality. The municipality decides whether to accept the nomination and then you will get answers.
You can get more information at: – In danish only
Read more news from the workshop at the schools facebook page: (In danish only)



At the workshop you can learn the following:

  • Teaching and production activities
  • General Education
  • Health & exercise
  • “Living training”
  • Leisure – out of the house
  • Internship & company visits
  • Fist Aid Course
  • Competence clarification

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