Gastronomical Workshop

Do you love to cook, and you will learn about health, so come and be part of a busy kitchen and a popular cafe” Come and be a part of our exciting every day life. We ensure happy customers and healthy, well-prepared dishes for internal and external guests. We are proud of the products we make, and put an efford to providing good service, so we have happy and satisfied guests. We manage the kitchen and café, which is housed at the “Bataillionen” in Avedørelejren. It is an active workshop with deadlines in relation to products and tasks. It is also a workshop where your efforts make a difference and get an immediate response from the guests. You will get to work both independently and in groups, and you’ll go through all the phases that belong to operateing a kitchen -from planning the procurement and production, to cleaning and evaluation. You will learn about ingredients, cooking methods and working practices, and not least safety in a professional kitchen. You will gain experience, so you can perform a job in a café, and you can become a good “barista” (coffee brewer). Teaching takes place in daily production, internships, field trips, company visits, and and arrangements in and out of the house. The teaching emphasis is on cooperation, responsibility and personal development. The “Bataillionen”, which is located in the former military camp, near The “Film City” and just across from the Circus Museum, is home to our Café and Media Workshop. Besides beeing a restaurant for Avedøre camp other companies or locations, the café operates as an exhibition space and cultural center with art and music events. In the “Bataillionen”‘s side building, the Media Workshop it is housed, and you can find exhibitions of products for our shop


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At the workshop you can learn the following:

  • knowledge of primary produce and shopping
  • healthy food
  • to use a recipe and convert it to a recipe for many people
  • collation
  • to prepare meals from different cooking methods
  • to compose a menu
  • own-checks and hygiene
  • service
  • tool knowledge and safety
  • operation and maintenance

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