At this workshop you can try out and test yourself in the musical world. With ensemble playing as the starting point, we will work towards a complete repertoire (production). Once PR and booking have been taken care of, we will give concerts outside the school. We will finish up with recording a CD in our studio.

In our studio you can work with music on a computer. You will get experienced in producing and composing music on a computer and you will obtain a basic knowledge as to mixing and editing.

Our music room and practice house are both equipped with instruments, singing installations, studio and music computers.

The tuition at the workshop includes mandatory practice periods, current guidance and evaluation, project work and all-round educational activities.

You do not have to be the world’s greatest at your instrument to become part of the music crew but certain skills and proficiencies are, however, necessary.



At the workshops you can learn the following:

  • Ensemble playing
  • Rhythmics
  • Instrument tuition (beginner – practiced)
  • Basic music theory
  • Study technique or studio technique
  • Composition on a computer
  • Making your own CD
  • Booking and PR
  • Sale of own production

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