Service & Craftmanship


“Do you like working with your hands? Are you interested in craftsmanship? We can offer you an exciting and challenging everyday life at our workshop called Service & Craftsmanship!”
You will gain both an extensive knowledge of various hand tools and skills in using same, and knowledge of fundamental principles of an artisan within carpentry, smithery, house painting, renovation and maintenance.
Our objective is to make you able to shed light on what craft is the right one for you. As part of supporting you in reaching a decision we will combine your stay at our school with one or more trainee periods in a company, and it will also be possible for you to have a stay at a technical school.
You will be working for clients “on site”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the work be done thoroughly and professionally.
When working with wood, you learn to measure, to saw, to grind, to plane, to drill, to screw and a lot more. We make i.e. sets of tables and benches, playhouses and flower bowls, and we put up fences and shelters.
When working with metal, you learn to weld, to punch, to bend, to grind, to cut and to drill into the iron. We make i.e. grills of half barrels, flower supports and bicycle racks.
We are also the persons who take care of the maintenance and renovation of our school. We do house painting, pointing and plastering of walls, minor paving jobs, snow clearing and any other odd jobs.
Sometimes we will focus more on wood, and other times it will be on metal. It depends on what it demanded.
What we require from you is that you are a good friend, that you will be there on time every day, that you are interested in learning and want to listen, that you do your job, that you are willing to cooperate and that you respect your fellow pupils and treat them well. There is good form at the workshop – spiced up with a little workshop humour!
The workshop is run by a workshop teacher in cooperation with the school’s janitor


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At the workshops you can learn the following:

  • To weld
  • Paint
  • Constructions in iron and wood
  • Material-acquaintance (wood and iron)
  • Tool-acquaintance
  • Renovation and maintenance
  • Paving
  • Cutting and trimming of green areas
  • Tree-rotation
  • Maintenance of machinery

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