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At Hvidovre Production School you can receive tuition in general subjects, up to 1/3 of the total time.
The education is voluntary and the only requirement is that you participate actively in the classes, and solves the tasks to the best of your ability.
The subjects taught are: Danish, Mathematics, English and Natural Science, as well as projects involving all-round education and guidance. If you are 18 or above, you also have the opportunity to complete your 9’th grade exam, in one or more of the subjects, that you lack.

Because reading/spelling difficulties and dyslexia plays a prominent role in the drop-out rate in many youth educations, Hvidovre Production School collaborates with the Speech Institute (Taleinstituttet) in Aalborg, in holding screening tests for reading/spelling difficulties.
As a starting point, all students are offered a clarifying screening test. There is no dyslexia education as such at the school, but dyslexic students are offered an “IT-backpack”, as an aid in the education.

As something new, a Guidance Café is arranged every Friday morning from 9 – 11 upstairs at the study centre. The Guidance Café is a collaboration between the Study Centre, where the common subjects teacher will be present from 9 – 11 and the guidance counsillor, who will be present from 10 – 11. At the Guidance Café, you can get help with writing applications, making a CV, job searching, filling out various papers and more. Basicly, all the things you always seem to postpone during the busy weekdays.

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At the workshops you can learn the following:

  • Danish, math, english and Natural Science
  • Job-searching – learn how to write an application
  • Visits at educational institutions and companies
  • Lectures
  • Different courses

Other activities:

  • Basic IT
  • Budgeting
  • Guidance Activities

The above listed activities will be arranged individually or in small groups. It is an aim that the tuition is set forward with the individual workshops as starting point.

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