The Creative House

“The  creative House”
“Are you a creative soul and do you feel like expressing your imagination? Then D´kreative Hus is the right place for you. We will give you the opportunity to work with both your own ideas and with fixed orders to our clients.”

In D´kreative Hus you participate in creating designs  and decorations. We work with different materials based on current trends and  we perform the jobs to meet our customers’ wishes.

FASHION   We work with the newest trends within the fashion world  and target our collections to the customers whom we address. We create clothes,  jewelry and accessories, which we present at the school’s annual fashion show.

STYLING   We work with styling as a natural continuation of  working with fashion, and sometimes we will have an in-house stylist to help  us. During her stay you will learn how to style yourself and at the same time  you will learn to see what looks good on others. Especially, when we have our  show we make a little extra of it.

TRENDS   We identify current trends and even try to create our  own new thoughts and ideas. For instance, we study street fashion and today’s  trend setters and by doing this we create an awareness of the time we live in.

MAKEOVER   If you want to work with interior design, we recycle  old furniture and other interior. We re-think and design the furniture, so they  appear trendy. We work with  makeovers and we create miracles.

FLOWERS   We have a current production of flower bouquets every  week. Besides, we create decorations and bouquets for any occasion.

Therefore, we pay a visit to the Copenhagen Wholesale  Market every week to buy fresh flowers, and this way you will learn the process  of planning, purchasing, treating goods, making bouquets/decorations, packing  and sale.

DECORATION We decorate the school area. You will learn about the  arrangement of and the colours in the presentation of our products. At the same  time the school and our café will appear interesting and inviting to the  delight of both customers and us.

NEW NEW NEW A new thing is that we are about to establish a store  in D’kreative Hus – here we will sell the products we create and we will also  buy and sell products from outside D’kreative Hus. You will have the  opportunity to attend to customers and to make sure that the store appears  inviting.

In addition, you will be part of the cooperation with  Mediehuset in connection with our internet store: (In danish)
Read more news from the workshop at the schools facebook page: (In danish only)


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At the workshop you can learn the following:

  • needlework
  • knitting
  • textile printing
  • fashion
  • awareness of trends
  • styling
  • techniques of collage
  • jewelry
  • to create bouquets
  • decoration and displays
  • fashion shows
  • sales and service
  • customer service

…and much more

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