The House of Media and Communications

The House of Media and Communications
A visual world of innumerable ideas and thought

Do you have a desire to work with photo/videos, creating events or graphic design? Then become part of the creative team developing new ideas, arranging concerts and exhibitions, making PR work and making magic with digital tools!

Ideas & events You will be part of the developing of ideas and the putting them into practice. We plan both small and large arrangements in our culture house and in the locality. We create innovative events – for everyone from winegrowers to film companies – and we use for instance street art, juggaloes, tattoos, dancing and other things you might be interested in.

Photos Be in complete control of your camera and learn to make the right angles and cuts. We take photos of anything – pets, people, school parties, etc. Use photoshop to make all the cool effects and optimization for all photos to be just perfect.

Videos Make small movies and put them on Facebook or Youtube! Instruct them, cut them, and cooperate with our workshop Music, which makes soundtracks to our videos.

Graphic Design Use your creative abilities and your good sense for the visual expression. Designs, logos, flyers, commercials, posters and much more. You will learn to compound graphic, images, texts and colors to get a great style and to fit the target group.  If you are able to draw and paint by hand, it will be a wonderful bonus!



At the workshop you can learn the following:

  • Digital photos
  • Videos
  • Graphic design
  • Image processing
  • Web design
  • PR
  • Idea development processes
  • Printing and poster plot
  • Layout and drawing
  • PR
  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Party planning

…and much more

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