School facts

The Production School has 2 departments which are both situated in “Film City” in the middle of Avedørelejren – the of home of movie production company Zentropa and several creative media companies.


The school has two guidance counselors who help you with internships, job search and study and vocational guidance. See the Guidance page.

Individual education is possible in Danish, mathematics, English and science and general guiding activities in our Study Centre.

Hvidovre Production School offer courses based on practical work and production. The offer is given to young people under 25 who have not completed secondary education or do not have the qualifications to take up such training, or have interrupted a Youth Education. The educational offer is not formally qualifying. Before starting you need to be approved by your local youth guidance center. (UU-centre)

The education is both practical and theoretical, but based on practical work and production. The stay gives you a better position to begin an education or to get a job

.If we have avalible room, you can start when you like, and stop when it fits into your plan.

While you’re here, several different workshops can be turned. You do not need anything special to start a workshop. The important thing is that you want to learn something new, and that you enjoy spending time with other young people.

A stay at Production School allows you to get work external internship for up to four weeks per year. half. You can find the place for this with your guidance counsillor or your teacher. You also get school beneficiary payment in this period.

We also have other activities at school. These could include sports, photography, painting, or it may be lectures on topics that you yourself can help to choose. Sometimes we take a trip out of the house, such as the cinema, the theater, on a fishing trip or an exciting exhibition.

School facts

Principal: Steen Strøm

Office Hours: Mon-Thur: 9-12 & 13-13.45

Friday: 9-12

No. of teachers: 16

No. of students: 135



For breakfast and lunch there is a charge of only 20, – DKK a day if you are under 18 years old. If you are over 18 old living at home, the price is 22, – DKK per day. If you are over 18 years old living away from home, the price is 25, – DKK per day.



Bus 1A stops almost right next to the school.

The S-train stops at Avedøre Station which is a 19 minute walk away from the school.

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